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Mallu actress charmi need a big pool for swiming

Charmi in a pool

Sexy actress Charmi is the most sought after artist by movie producers, directors and actors as she co-operates well with any one for anything at any time. Charmi shows off everything - her talent, acting skills and more importantly the things that her fans crave for. Lot of skin in pretty clothes, or with no clothes or spicy masala scenes in groovy movies, she got it all. These sexy hot and wet pictures of Charmi near a pool show her talent very well. Charmi was born in Mumbai as Charmi Kaur and got popular in Tamil and Telugu movie industries that take good care of her. Her first Tamil movie was Kadal Alivadhillai with Simbu directed by his father T. Rajendar. The director has squeezed the best out of Charmi and make her see everything and every aspect of film making - charmi got rid of the fear that made her evolve as a number one sexy queen of south indian cinema. She also co starred with Nagarjuna in "mass", a proper masala movie and earned good credits in spite of Jyothika starring in the lead female role in the movie. Mantra is another good Telugu movie Charmi can be seen at her best.

Charmi showing off her a**

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