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Tamil Girls Photos

Indian movies are very popular one - because of the songs and dance, without which Indian movies are like a kiss without a moustache. Now a popular craze is the Item Numbers or Item Songs in the movies. They are commonly used in Hindi (Bollywood), Telugu (Tollywood) and Kollywood (Tamil) films.

Vaguely you can refer the meaning Item Songs to some catchy upbeat dance number in the movie without much relevance to the story of the film. A item song normally happens in a night club or disco. In earlier years of movies, Helen used to dance to some songs which can roughly be referred as item number. But those were not very sexy or suggestive as they are today. To give competition to Helen is Bindu and to some extend Aruna Irani.

But contemporary Item Numbers are performed by all big top level hero and heroines - like Shah Rukh Khan in Crazy 4 and in his own movie, Om Shanti Om. But the item numbers down south - in Tamil and Telugu are very suggestive and sexy in nature. We have several ‘specialized' item girls - they not only perform a dance - but they are roped in movies for the skin show. The current heart throb is Mumaith Khan, who is charging somewhere 15 to 30 lakh per item number.

Presenting this page in a movie called SANDADI - where an actress is showing her nice cleavage and armpit hair.

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